Alfred Vrazel
At the age of 10 he persuaded his parents into buying him a 2-row Hohner button
brother Anton, and their three cousins, started a band they named “Vrazels’
Playboys” later becoming, as it would be known for the next 50+ years, “Vrazels’
Polka Band.”  The band began playing at small events around the Central Texas area
receiving no regular salary but small monetary donations from appreciative listeners
and dancers.

In 1955 radio station KMIL in Cameron, Texas broadcast on the air and the band was
engaged for a Sunday afternoon program.  At that time the band had no recordings
so they gathered at the radio station for a live performance with Alfred serving as
band leader and announcer.  Around the 1960 era the format for the program
changed from their live performing to the use of their polka recordings.  Due to its
popularity over the years, his show has increased from a 30 minute time slot to 2
hours and 15 minutes.

Alfred has his own media room at KMIL where he produces his weekly program.  It is
pre-recorded and features a variety of music by polka bands locally and nationwide.  
His polka show has received numerous awards and proclamations over the years
including a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Texas Music Association,
continuously broadcasting every Sunday afternoon from 12:15 to 2:30 p.m. on 105.1
FM streaming on the internet at  Alfred Vrazels Polka Show is believed to
be the longest running weekly Sunday Polka Radio program with the same host in the

Alfred, along with his brother Anton, managed Vrazels Polka Band.  Alfred was the
bandleader, played the button accordion, alto and tenor saxophone and was the
lead vocalist.  Anton was the band manager and played the piano accordion.  The
band developed their own unique sound which was emulated by other bands.  They
and their fellow musicians were proud recipients of the following awards from the
Texas Polka Music Association: Lifetime Achievement Award-1991; Song of the Year
“Once on a Sunday Waltz”-1992; Band of the Year-1993; Alfred Vrazel-Vocalist of
the Year-1993; Song of the Year “No One Knows Waltz”-1996; Alfred Vrazel-Vocalist
of the Year-1996; plus numerous other awards and proclamations throughout the

The band’s out of state performances representing Czech Polka Music from Texas by
invitation include: Smithsonian Institution of America Folklife Bicentennial
celebration in Washington, DC in 1976; Texas Festival at the John F. Kennedy Center
in Washington, DC in 1991; Barns of the Wolf Trap Foundation in Vienna Virginia in
1992; plus performances at polka festivals in Las Vegas, Nevada; Tucson, Arizona;
Wichita, Kansas and the Caribbean and Alaskan cruises.

The band made its first recording in 1959 and since has recorded twenty 45 RPM
records, thirteen 33 1/3 albums, nine 8-track tapes, six cassettes, ten CDs and three

After 55 years of continuous performances, Alfred & Anton decided to retire the
band at the end of 2008.  In appreciation to their many dedicated fans, the band
held a final performance on January 24, 2009 at the Mayborn Convention Center in
Temple, Texas where over 2600 fans were in attendance.  A grand finale and fitting

Credit: International Polka Association
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