Rick Canik
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Rick Canik has been broadcasting his polka show Polka Party Time, out of
Columbus, Texas for many years now; and Justin Everett with the Texas
Polka News was able to interview the man behind the airwaves.

What is you favorite part about being a polka DJ?
Rick: I would say my favorite part of being a polka DJ is playing all those great
polka and waltz songs on the air. I also love wishing those great polka fans
happy birthday and happy anniversary when they call in those requests.

TPN: Could you tell me just one fond memory you will have if you ever retire
from polka deejaying?
Rick: Getting those phone requests and even getting some emails from polka
fans listening to KULM on the internet. With the internet being worldwide, it
broadens my listening audience. People from countries all over the world are
polka bands playing that great polka music.

TPN: Which bands do you get requests for?
Rick: Lots of the Texas polka bands such as Vrazels, Fritz Hodde, Red Ravens,
Czechaholics, Dujka Brothers, and many more.

TPN: What do you hope your polka show does for fans down the road?
Rick: To keep the polka music on the airwaves so everyone has exposure to it.
After working all day, there's nothing better than hearing those great polkas on
the radio. I am just trying to keep the polka and waltz tradition alive and to
keep spinning those CDs on the radio. Polka on everyone!

Rick Canik can be heard Monday - Friday from 5:15 -7 pm on KULM 98.3FM.
You can also listen online at

Story By Justin Everett (Texas Polka News - February 2019)