Displayed here are some photos of early Texas Polka Bands followed by a listing of all Texas Polka Bands that we have
been able to identify.  If you have photos of Texas Polka Bands, please send them to us so that we can add them to
our photo archive.  If possible, identify the musicians in the photo.  If you are aware of a Texas Polka Band that we
have not listed here, please provide us the name, a short history of the band, approximate years they performed,
names of musicians, and the town or city in Texas where they were based. Also provide us your name and phone
number or the name of a person who can provide us additional information.  Photos (jpg format) and data should be
emailed to: texaspolkamuseum@aol.com.
Wilhelm Specht's Spring Branch Band - 1880
Baca Band - 1800's
Guenther / Sattler Community Band - 1896
Louie and His Old-Time Band - 1947
Click here for list of Texas Polka Bands that we have identified thus far.  Shown are four categories:  
Dance Bands and Performing Groups currently performing; and Dance Bands and Performing Groups
no longer performing.  We want to thank John Rivard from the Texas Polka News for providing most of
the data related to the Texas Polka Dance Bands and Performing Groups currently performing.
Texas Polka              Band

are they going to play;
or on their way home?